The Program

We believe that Product Management is the growth engine of companies. The Program is designed for companies and Product People with an ambition to grow.


The Program is designed to release your product management superpowers, giving you instant abilities to evolve your way of working. While at the same time building your long-term capabilities, professionally and personally, in product management.


The Program is built around a multidimensional learning journey combining knowledge sessions, cohort sessions, films, material, and quizzes to empower action while developing knowledge growth. Simply put, we learn by actions, and the right actions are built on knowledge. Therefore, the multidimensional approach evolves both parts of your professional life – the practical part of doing and the competence part of learning.

In The Program, we use multiple tools and channels, your entire learning journey is guided and supported by the system setup in addition to The Program Guardian. Altogether, the Program consists of 22 digestible bits spanning in little over a month, growing your abilities one bit at a time. As soon as you sign up the learning starts, and so do your actions.


There are four knowledge areas that we work through in The Program.

arrow pointing right   Product Strategy – Products as an engine for growth

arrow pointing right   Product Planning – creating Products to be proud of

arrow pointing right   Product Orchestration – executing Product leadership

arrow pointing right   Product Thinking – succeeding in Product Management

For each knowledge area, you will have a combination of materials and activities that will facilitate your development. At the end of each area, an assessment ensures you’ve mastered the material. 


The program runs at least eight cohort based sessions throughout the year, primarily online. Each cohort session is designed to take you on an intense, guided journey with peers.  They span 6-8 weeks, are part-time, virtual, and are guided by global thought leaders as well as industry experts. Twice a year we will run a cohort session onsite at our center in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Each week is designed to have up to two 3-hour OnLive workshops in addition to 2 to 3 hours of self-paced video and text material covering actionable frameworks and proven systems. The topics covered are:


Key Learning and Action Objectives

Week 1
Product Growth w/
Executable Strategies
arrow pointing right  How to build an executable Product Strategy
arrow pointing right  Establishing your Product Performance
arrow pointing right  How to evolve your Business Model with revenue streams
Week 2
Product Action No
Matter What
arrow pointing right  How to work in your Ecosystem
arrow pointing right  Establish sourcing alternatives
arrow pointing right  Corporate context
arrow pointing right  Legal
Week 3
Evolve your
Craftmanship – Product
arrow pointing right  Creating desirable products to be proud of
arrow pointing right  Product Planning Approaches
arrow pointing right  Roadmapping
arrow pointing right  Product Life Cycle Management
Week 4
Evolving your Product
arrow pointing right  The new product leadership
arrow pointing right  Building customer journeys to rally around
Week 5
Work Week
arrow pointing right  Practice the new skills – take initiative week
Week 6
Succeeding w/ Product
arrow pointing right  Product Thinking
arrow pointing right  The secret sauce of Speed layers
arrow pointing right  Your reflection on Product Success
Week 7
Making It Official!
arrow pointing right  Syllabus Review
arrow pointing right  Study Time and Preparations
arrow pointing right  Online Certification

Upon completion you’ll have the opportunity to sit for the certification exam managed by an independent third party.