companies with product people who have completed The program

Some of their impressions...

"Rich. Great experience."
Sara Ström
Global Product Manager, Atlas Copco, Sweden
“Intensive and insightful, great mentors and a great team. ISPMA is an emergency button for Product Managers.”
An image of Alfred Elajez from his social media
Alfred Elajez​
Management Consultant​
“The sessions were great! Guided discussions and dialogues in the team enlarged the knowledge.”
Spela Ursic Bensa
Head Of Product Management, Parsek Group, Slovenia
“Extremely interesting. Made me understand the true value of Product Management. Clear objectives.”
Albert Jo Kortenhoeven
Albert-Jo Kortenhoeven
ISPMA Product Manager, Saab, Dubai
“Great! Now I have a product toolkit. An accelerated learning journey with discussions, built knowledge & insights.”
An image of Michael Ziraschi from his social media
Michael Ziraschi
ISPMA Product Manager, Palette Software, Denmark
"Now I have the tools to make a change."
Anna Hultkvist
ISPMA Product Manager, Autocom, Sweden
“Structure to handle changes! Clarity of thoughts in training and discussions. Now I do Speed Management!”
An image of Ingrid Apelgren from her social media
Ingrid Apelgren
ISPMA Product Manager, Centsoft, Sweden