The International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) is a non-profit research association in Product Thinking. The aim is to support companies and individuals to succeed with product management

We are over 50 fellows from companies and research institutes contributing to the ongoing research. ISPMA has established software product management as a discipline in both industry as well as in the academia. Thousands of companies have embarked on a ISPMA journey to fortify their product business. Distinguished universities in Europe, US, and Asia use the ISPMA as a guide for their Master Programs in Product Management. ISPMA disseminates and maintains a curriculum in addition to a Certifiable Body of Knowledge (SPMBoK).

We are proud to be a founding member of ISPMA. And we’ve continued our commitment to ISPMA, continuously evolving the knowledge of succeeding in Product management.

“Hey Product People! Regarding certification, independent third-party agencies conduct exams and issue certificates on behalf of ISPMA, but we help you succeed”