Insights from learning new ways of thinking will allow you to create new values for your product, expand in your role to benefit your team and company.

Yes, one test is included, in both online and in-person training.

Workshops are about three hours long. Self study modules and tests can take ten to twenty hours.

You’ll find THE PROGRAM dates in The Download.

Yes, you can take the test multiple times with an additional cost of 300€ per test and we will administrate that for you.

The workshops are live. If you miss one, you can read the learning module then prepare the reflection and tasks for the next workshop. If you are sick and miss several workshops, we can rebook you for an upcoming date.

THE PROGRAM is acknowledged as a benchmark training for Product Managers, internationally. It presents the necessary tools and models, together with a way of thinking, crucial for successful Product Management. 

Throughout the years, a wide range of companies have participated and benefited from THE PROGRAM; small and large, hardware, software, service organizations and start-ups. We have had individuals and teams from Ericsson, GS1, Learnlinght, Scania, Wabco Würth, Hitachi, Giesecke & Devrient, UN organizations to name a few.

THE PROGRAM training diploma gives you a platform, place among professional Product Managers. After the training, our knowledge is official and useful to future employers and employment dialogues.

Productbeats is an international network of Product People sharing the latest trends, research, knowledge and conversations. It’s up to you to determine the level of participation with our show’s guests, alumni and expanding cohort activities. 

Product People include Product Managers, Product Owners, Architects, Head of Product. Basically, all experienced product professionals with an interest in or need to increase their product management capability.

The possibility to implement new thinking, learnings, and product ideas in your running work over eight weeks with no travel time including the ability to book and take the certification test at a time that suits you are definitely advantages of the online sessions.  However, meeting product people from around the world offers invaluable networking opportunities.

Physical presence offers the possibility for focused time away, spontaneous interactions with other participants, face-to-face networking and sharing in a comfortable environment. You are also able to take the certification test with your new network cheering you on.