Hey Product People, you’ve read the latest books and papers, attended educational conferences and seminars, strengthened your capabilities with coaching sessions and product management training, considered product management certifications and accreditations. You have prepared yourself and your team.


a tennis player hitting a basketball with a racquet represents Product Management Training that leaves you ready but the environment has changed

Season after season, within the whirlwind of product trends, advancements and problems, teams chase growth opportunities for their company.  The ever-changing role of product management can leave your team stumped and the individual exhausted. How do you leverage your knowledge and experience to support your customers, team and company? The need for knowledge beyond a single process, tool or model is a necessity, if you want to stay in the product game. 


You’re ready to fortify your product knowledge and capabilities. THE PROGRAM, ISPMA by ProductBeats, is like no other product management training. Immediately, using the latest tools, you can be more than prepared.  You can benefit your company and achieve product-led growth. THE PROGRAM bolsters your product thinking, complements your existing competence, and reinforces Product leadership for fuller  action. 

So, make it official!

Product action no matter what.

a tennis player with a basketball represents a Product Management Training that has adapted to the chaining environment

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